My childhood pet was a rescue Labrador called Rover who sadly we lost when I was only 10 years old. 

Anyone who has ever been lucky to own a dog (or should I say, be owned by a dog) will know how much joy they bring into our lives. I love looking through the old photos of me and my protector who used to let me sit in his bed as a child and cry on his shoulder!

We then inherited a very old Jack Russell who pretty much fell apart as she got to the ripe of age of 18!

I cannot imagine not having a dog around so a Pug for me, was the one I wanted after much research.

Having owned a Pug for 11 years (the only dog I have owned since a puppy) I can't help but naturally worry about the day he leaves me behind. 

He's my 'first born' as he's older than my little girl who's now 6. I know how she will also look back on the best memories of her own childhood with a dog by her side (always looking for food!)

The old photos (and dogs) are the best, which is why I LOVE doing dog photography. They are such precious images to cherish, especially after they have gone to rainbow bridge.


On Location Shoot available from £75.00 for  Two Hours

Studio Photography Sessions from £150.00 for One Hour

Dog event photography available

All photos supplied on USB, Unlimited photos taken.

Prints & Gifts available

Sully the pug in the bath
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